Don’t worry, there aren’t 8 people signed into your Facebook

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Facebook active sessions

You may have seen a Facebook post like this doing the rounds. Its author suggests that the Facebook app on their phone was hacked by 8 people. If you follow the advice in the post, you may be led to think that the same has happened to yours.

Facebook warning active session

The truth is, although you will probably see several ‘people’ logged into your Facebook account, what you are seeing is almost certainly your own activity.

What’s this about active sessions?

Every time you sign into Facebook from a new computer or phone, a session is held open so that you can get into Facebook quickly next time. When you sign out, the session is closed.

Facebook want to look after your security, so they provide a list of any devices you are currently signed in with. To see this list, go to your Facebook settings, and head to the security section. Look for “Where you’re logged in”.

Facebook Where you're logged in

Why are there so many active sessions?

Don’t panic if you see lots of sessions here. Sessions can be created when you get a new mobile phone, or use a different web browser. You can also get a new session if you sign in from a friend’s house or from a work computer.

But I haven’t been to this location…

Facebook does its best to work out your physical location whenever you sign in, using your computer’s IP address. But this is very inaccurate, as the IP address may have been used recently by another broadband subscriber somewhere else in the country.

The same is true for mobile devices – your mobile operator may have given you an IP address that was used recently by another mobile somewhere else in the country.

As long as your location is in the correct country or region, you should be safe. If in doubt, just close the session.

How can I close down these sessions?

It’s simple – just press ‘End Activity’ on any session you want to close. If you ever need to use Facebook again on those devices, you only have to type your password in again.

How can I stop people signing into my Facebook?

In the Security settings page on Facebook, you can get Login Alerts – an email or text each time someone logs into your account on a new device.

If you want to be really secure, you can switch on Login Approvals. Each time you sign into Facebook, a code will be sent to your mobile by text before you are allowed access.

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Dave WalterDon’t worry, there aren’t 8 people signed into your Facebook

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