How to add BT Mail to the Windows 10 Mail app

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Adding your email account to the Mail app in Windows 10 can be a bit of a struggle if you have a BTInternet email address.

At first, everything seems to be going well. But your emails don’t appear in the inbox, and all you see is the message “Nothing has arrived yet” or “Hold on while we retrieve your emails”.


Don’t worry though, I’ve found a weird workaround that will get your emails flowing into the inbox in no time.

We need to start with a clean slate, so the first step is to remove the email account. Click on Settings (the gear icon at the bottom of the Mail app).


Then click Manage Accounts, and select the BT account you’d like to remove. Click Delete Account, then confirm that you want to delete it. Now you need to close the Mail app.

And now for the interesting part. We’re actually going to go in through the Calendar app to add your BT account. We’re not going to be using the calendar; this is just the weird route that allows BTInternet accounts to work in Mail.

Open the Calendar app – you’ll find this in the Start Menu. It will either display today’s date, or it will have an icon like this:


You will need to open the Settings in the Calendar app (again, it’s a gear symbol).


Click on Manage Accounts, then Add Account.


Click Advanced Setup, then Internet Email. Fill in the form using these details:

Email address: Your BT email address
Username: Your email address again
Password: Your password
Account name: Just enter ‘BT’
Send your messages using this name: Your name (with capitals and spaces)
Incoming email server:
Account type: IMAP4
Outgoing (SMTP) email server:

Leave all the boxes ticked underneath, and click Sign In.

Assuming you don’t get an error message at this point, then all is well. Close the Calendar app, and open Mail.

You should find an inbox full of emails waiting for you!

Dave WalterHow to add BT Mail to the Windows 10 Mail app

60 Comments on “How to add BT Mail to the Windows 10 Mail app”

  1. Graham

    have followed your instruction., how long does it take to load the account? still says “creating account” after 10 min

  2. Martin Young

    Just spent an hour or so chatting with Microsoft Answer Desk to no avail. Your solution (on referral from BT Help Chat) worked first time. Good work, Dave.

  3. Angela

    Have spent months trying to get BT mail. John Lewis’ tech help couldn’t solve the problem and BT didn’t want to know. Came across your solution yesterday – it worked immediately. Thank you so much from a silver surfer!

  4. Claire

    Fantastic – worked straight away. I’m an IT trainer, so pretty technically clued up, but got totally stuck setting up Mail on a new computer for my Dad (he’s 86 and doesn’t want to change from what he knows). I wasn’t 100% sure I had got his current password correctly, so spent a long time in the Mail setup thinking it was me and trying loads of alternatives. Found your article, gave it a last-ditch try using the first password I had entered, and bingo!


    after 2 weeks of trying to get BT mail to work with new Windows 10 machine, your fix appears to have solved the problem.

  6. Carole

    I luv you i have been trying for over a year and you have cleared the problem in 5 mins gawd bless yer cotton socks

  7. Ian

    I spent an hour trying to get BT email set up and failing, then I found your solution. It took a couple of minutes and worked perfectly. Thank you.

  8. Claire

    Thank you for solving a problem that I’d spent ages on before finding your advice. Worked perfectly. Much appreciated!

  9. Robert

    Have tried your BT email mail fix been three week since getting new alto emails download within minutes great but now can not send emails have you got fix for that Microsoft fob off BT no answer thanks again

  10. Valerie

    I have spent ages trying to get this problem resolved and even paid to have it all set up. Thank you for resolving this frustrating problem.

  11. duncan

    I am trying to solve this problem on my nokia Lumia with windows 10. I can’t delete the account I set up at first. there is no delete account option?

  12. Jon M

    After resetting a new password the troubles began and the BT mail account failed every time I tried.
    Having spent numerous wasted hours over the numerous months talking to an Indian call centre , I didn’t have the heart to call them on this occasion and see my life needlessly disappear down the plug hole of ‘sorry Sir’
    Surfed the web, especially BT forums and related links and was starting to resign myself to not getting anywhere fast until I found this link and to my uttermost joy – it worked (2nd time round as made a typo error on my first attempt)
    Thank you so much

  13. Nick

    Dave you the Man ????
    4 months trying with Microsoft and bt
    No success not till my wife gets new computer and same problem and nags me in to getting it sorted found your Solutions on Line 10 min sorted as I said You da Man

  14. John

    This fix worked first time for me! Thank you Dave, you’re a good man. Your style and example screenshots are quick and easy to follow. I hope you have other tips for the rest of the windows 10 shambles!

  15. Lois Gribble

    Absolutely brilliant. Worked like magic. Such easy to follow directions. Can’t thank you enough.

  16. Georgia B

    Hey Dave, thanks for helpful instructions, finally got it an inbox full of emails. However, my other folders, such as drafts, sent and deleted etc are still empty. do you know how to fix this too?

    1. Dave Walter

      In your list of folders, you should see More. Click More, and you will see the complete list of folders.
      Any folders that have a star next to them are marked as your favourites, and will show up on the main screen. So, click the star icon next to Drafts, Sent and Deleted.
      You should now see these in your favourite folders.

  17. Alison

    Spent a whole day yesterday on phone to BT & chat with Microsoft, both useless, trying to set up mail account on new laptop, followed this & Voila, SORTED!!!!

  18. Carl

    After the recent large Win 10 update my ancient copy of Outlook stopped working. Decided to try the mail app again, have my MS mail accounts on there but couldn’t add my BT one. No joy again. Found this walkthrough and bingo all’s well. Thanks Dave, you-da-man.

  19. Lynne

    Hi Dave. Have followed your instructions but get a message in mail saying may need to update password or may need to amend account to sync to this device. Any ideas ‘re what to do now. Thanks

  20. Jrd

    Brilliant. After hours and hours of frustration I followed your instructions…..immediate success. Many thanks.

  21. Hugh

    Thanks a million, Dave. After days of grief following Windows 10 reset, this solved the problem first time.

  22. G Mc

    This was driving me nuts. Your workaround worked perfectly. Thanks a lot.
    Microsoft are not exactly falling over themselves to be user friendly are they!!

  23. Dave

    Worked great thanks ….. just one small problem .. you need to actually click on IMAP 4 to input the info ( it looked like it automatically did it ) which meant I couldn’t click on sign in until I had double checked and actively selected it .. then all was great

  24. Colin

    Brilliant!! Have been tearing my hair out for two days trying to get my mail but your solution worked straight away. Thanks.

  25. Jane

    Hi Dave,
    You would think that after all this time BT and Microsoft would have sorted out this problem by now but after having bought a new lap top from John Lewis last week and being BT customers, we had exactly the same problem as outlined here.
    We followed the BT advice on (tech and gadgets) and that didn’t work, spoke to BT who told us to change our password and that didn’t work. In the end spoke with John Lewis and they talked us through setting up a link on the lap top home page direct to, which was great, in that we could now receive mail but required us to log in each time and the advertisements were infuriating.
    Thankfully, I found your advice, it has worked a treat and made my grumpy and frustrated husband happy again. Many thanks

  26. Len

    Thank you – amazing fix! The only thing to mention is that if you have tried to set up a BT mail account via the Outlook option it may still appear in the Calendar Account listing and ‘Advanced Options’ may not then be available. IF this is your problem do a ‘restore to factory settings’ from the computer settings menu first, before applying Dave’s fix. This is what I needed to do to make ‘Advanced Options available again.

  27. Alistair

    Just to add to the comments above – you’re a star.
    I was also struggling to set up a BT account in the W10 mail app for a neighbour and your suggested fix worked perfectly for me as well….
    Computers eh?….gotta love them!
    Many thanks 🙂

  28. Mike

    My email used to work, has done for months, and suddenly stopped working. Followed your instructions and ker pow (Bat Man Styleee) – it’s working again.

  29. RichardHeuston

    Tried the above and got a message that said the account was set up, but when trying to get email it say the account is out of date or username and password error.
    I can log into BT web mail without a problem. The email address I am trying toad is a sub account email address.

  30. David Stokes

    Hello Dave

    I recently had to set up 2 BT e mail addresses on Windows 10. One happened eventually the other not. I followed your instructions above but get a message “we couldn’t access this account. You might need to update your password or give the account permission to sync to this device”.

    I changed my password and it works ok on my phone.

    Thank you for this support page


  31. David Stokes

    Hello Dave

    I followed all instructions but still no success. The account says it is set up but then I get a message “we couldn’t access this account. you might need to update your password or give the account permission to sync to this device” I changed password. Can receive and send e mails on phone. When I look at settings password shows 16 characters – mine is actually 11

    Thank you


  32. Martin

    Thought it had worked perfectly then I get the error message saying I need to update my password (unlikely) or I have to tell BT to sync with the Edge. Unfortunately I cannot see a way of doing this. Is it me?

  33. Keith Andrews

    Might have worked for you guys, but not for me.
    Account appears to set up but very quickly I get the message that my BT settings are out of date.
    Very frustrating.

  34. Gary

    Hello Dave. Tried your method. Account sets and then keep getting message “your account settings are out of date”
    Any thoughts?

  35. Jackie

    I was really struggling and with no help on the BT website I was despairing until I came along your post. Really helpful, thanks so much for taking the time to put this out there.

  36. Keith Randall

    Hello Dave, My wife can only access her email on her laptop, when I try to setup her emails on other machines the error “user name or password error”, I tried your work round but windows mail reported “update password”! I don’t wont to change her password in case she cannot get her emails on her laptop. Thanks Keith

  37. Landel CJ

    Excellent – this helped me after hours to thinking I was doing something wrong – and I work in IT and thought I knew what I was doing. Not sure how this works but it does. It also seems you must have the same username as the email address as I tried with it being different and it doesn’t work. Thanks for this help.

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