How to add BT Mail to the Windows 10 Mail app

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Adding your email account to the Mail app in Windows 10 can be a bit of a struggle if you have a BTInternet email address.

At first, everything seems to be going well. But your emails don’t appear in the inbox, and all you see is the message “Nothing has arrived yet” or “Hold on while we retrieve your emails”.


Don’t worry though, I’ve found a weird workaround that will get your emails flowing into the inbox in no time.

We need to start with a clean slate, so the first step is to remove the email account. Click on Settings (the gear icon at the bottom of the Mail app).


Then click Manage Accounts, and select the BT account you’d like to remove. Click Delete Account, then confirm that you want to delete it. Now you need to close the Mail app.

And now for the interesting part. We’re actually going to go in through the Calendar app to add your BT account. We’re not going to be using the calendar; this is just the weird route that allows BTInternet accounts to work in Mail.

Open the Calendar app – you’ll find this in the Start Menu. It will either display today’s date, or it will have an icon like this:


You will need to open the Settings in the Calendar app (again, it’s a gear symbol).


Click on Manage Accounts, then Add Account.


Click Advanced Setup, then Internet Email. Fill in the form using these details:

Email address: Your BT email address
Username: Your email address again
Password: Your password
Account name: Just enter ‘BT’
Send your messages using this name: Your name (with capitals and spaces)
Incoming email server:
Account type: IMAP4
Outgoing (SMTP) email server:

Leave all the boxes ticked underneath, and click Sign In.

Assuming you don’t get an error message at this point, then all is well. Close the Calendar app, and open Mail.

You should find an inbox full of emails waiting for you!

Dave WalterHow to add BT Mail to the Windows 10 Mail app

5 Comments on “How to add BT Mail to the Windows 10 Mail app”

  1. Graham

    have followed your instruction., how long does it take to load the account? still says “creating account” after 10 min

  2. Martin Young

    Just spent an hour or so chatting with Microsoft Answer Desk to no avail. Your solution (on referral from BT Help Chat) worked first time. Good work, Dave.

  3. Angela

    Have spent months trying to get BT mail. John Lewis’ tech help couldn’t solve the problem and BT didn’t want to know. Came across your solution yesterday – it worked immediately. Thank you so much from a silver surfer!

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