Setting up

If you’ve bought a new computer, don’t struggle to set it up.

Dave can set up your new laptop, desktop or iPad and then show you how to use it. Don’t have broadband yet? No problem – Dave can help you get it installed.

If you are replacing an older computer, Dave will transfer all your files, settings and emails across, so everything will be where you expect it to be.

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Computer service

Over time, your computer naturally gets slower. There is no reason why you can’t have it running more or less as quick as it used to be.

Dave can run a 40-point service on your laptop or desktop computer, to greatly improve its speed. He will also check that the security program is working, and install any updates that are needed. If you don’t have Internet security, Dave will install a program for you.

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Virus removal

Sometimes even a well-protected computer can pick up something nasty.

If your computer starts to act strangely after using the Internet, it may have a virus or malware. Call Dave, and he will thoroughly remove the problem. He will then make sure your computer has an anti-virus program installed and advise you how to avoid a similar problem in future.

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Backing up

Your computer is full of things you can’t replace – photos, documents and more. Do you have a plan to recover these in case anything happens to your computer?

Dave will show you how to make a backup of all the important files on your computer. He will also show you how you can regularly make your own backups.

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